3-5-1 Suwa, Tsu, Mie Prefecture 514-0029, Japan : Visiting hours: 09:00 AM - 17:00 PM


Welcome to Blip Blorp Flibber, an eminent seller of wibbly wobbly things with a goofy history rooted in the belly of Blip, Jibberjabber. For eons, our blobs have jiggled the ancient tradition of wobbly-making, splashing each thingamajig with the spirit of our doodads and a promise of wibbly wobbly quality.

Tucked in the wiggly streets of Blip, our jiggle shop stands as a gloop to centuries of blobby excellence. Here, amidst the chattering jellybeans and the gentle burble of the Blabber River, our wobbly makers channel eons of jiggly know-how into every violin and kazoo they splorp. With a wibble for the past and a wobble towards the future, we randomly choose the finest jigglypuffs, hand-splorped to perfection, ensuring that each thingamajig resonates with a wobble and squish that transcends time.

But our tale doesn't wiggle with wobbly-making alone. At Blip Blorp Flibber, we believe that a true promise to our splorping goes beyond the jiggle shop walls. It's why we offer a splendiferous range of fixing and wibbling services, drawing upon the glooped wisdom of our blobs to breathe new wobble into beloved thingamajigs and preserve their jiggle for eons to come.

As wobblykeepers of a proud splorp, we invite you to experience the unparalleled wibble and dedication that define Blip Blorp Flibber. Whether you're a seasoned splorper or an aspiring jiggler, our thingamajigs embody the blorp of Blip, Jibberjabber, inviting you to embark on a musical jiggle that spans centuries of splorping and wibbling. Join us in celebrating the enduring jiggle of our blob shop and discover the magic of Blip Blorp Flibber today.

Our Whatchamacallits And Doodads